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Transform your workspace with our soundproof meeting pods. Whether it’s for individual usage, 2-person meeting, or 4-person discussion, ERGOPOD can fit them all.

This is PRO.

Everything you need in a pod.

Pro Series Old
Door Key Lock
ErgoPod Pro Power Socket
Sound Proofing

Leading soundproofing technology

We’ve HEARD the needs of hundreds of our clients and spent thousands of hours with our R&D team to produce the latest and leading soundproofing pod in the market. Our dense acoustic panels proudly reduce noise by up to 80%. This means you no longer have to worry about being eavesdropped on or disturbing your co-workers.

Fresh air, improved clarity of thoughts.

Our thoughtfully designed air ventilation system ensures excellent air quality within the pod, providing a worry-free environment for you to relax and focus, knowing that your air is clean and free from contaminants, as your safety and comfort are our top priorities.

Customise your

Our design team have created a range of exterior and interior colours and materials, with equipable accessories and installations you can choose from. Customise your pod to suit your company’s style, while we guarantee sustainable yet high-quality materials for an exceptional user experience.
Pro Series Old

Tempered glass for durability​

Tempered glass for pods offers unparalleled durability, safeguarding your device from drops, scratches, and impacts with clarity and reliability

Say goodbye to door slams!

Not only are door slams noisy, but they can be dangerous as well. With Pro, you can bid door slams goodbye as our pods come with a soft closure that ensures a noiseless close.

Double the privacy

Our glass doors are equipped with secure door locks and individual keys, ensuring enhanced safety and providing peace of mind for controlled access to your premises.

The PRO Series Collection

Create your private oasis, anywhere.
Finally, privacy meets collaboration. ERGOPOD Pro is designed to fit in any workplace.
​ ERGOPOD office pods can be customized to fit any requirements for your meeting needs.

Ergopod-Pro Series


The perfect space for 1-person virtual meeting.

External: 1000w x 900d x

2348.5h mm


Internal: 870w x 866d x




Weight: 255kg


A convertible 2-person office pod for private space.

External: 1500w x 1250d x

2300h mm


Internal: 1372w x 1206d x

2114h mm


Weight: 380kg


A spacious 2-person workspace for collaboration.

External: 1500w x 1800d x

2300h mm


Internal: 1370w x 1756d x

2128h mm

Weight: 450kg

Ergopod Pro 22


2 sofas and a coffee table to transform this space to 4-person meeting room or cafe.

External: 2200w x 1500d

2300h mm


Internal: 2070w x 1456d

2128h mm


Weight: 520kg

ErgoPod Pro 25


Full meeting space to fit up to 8-person.

External: 2200w x 2100d x

2348.5h mm


Internal: 2070w x2056d x

2128h mm


Weight: 580kg


Customise to any size to fit your space & requirement.

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Color Customization for Your Unique Workspace

At Ergopod Pro, we understand the importance of personalizing your workspace to reflect your brand and enhance your office environment. That's why we offer a diverse range of vibrant colors for you to choose from, allowing you to tailor your meeting pods to suit your company's style.

Exterior Color Options

Interior Color Options


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