Fluted Panel Wall Supply & Install Services

Our Fluted Panel Wall Supply & Intall Services redefine interior spaces with architectural flair and a contemporary edge. From precise craftsmanship in panel cutting to flawless installation, we elevate your environment into a visual masterpiece. Let us transform your spaces into striking statements of style and sophistication.

Bold Textures, Seamless Installation –
Transform Your Space with our Fluted Panel Wall Supply & Install Services

Fluted Wall Panel

Supply & Install

An engineered composite material that integrates steel-plastic composites with film lamination creates a hybrid material offering enhanced properties.

Usual market price at $21.40 psf

Roadshow Promotion: $16.50 psf

The surface is finished with a laminated film, which can provide additional benefits such as improved aesthetics, increased resistance to environmental factors, UV protection, and easier maintenance.

Augmented Reality (AR) Demo

Place a fluted panel in your room virtually.

Just point your phone’s camera at the wall to see the transformation!

Preview size: 3.3 by 2.8 meters.

This composite material features a core made from steel for exceptional strength and durability, which is then bonded with plastic layers to add corrosion resistance and reduce weight.

Fits Well in Any Area

The Spaces by Ergocollections Wall Fluted Panel is exceptionally versatile, making it a perfect choice for any HDB or condo setting. Its superior moisture resistance ensures durability and maintains quality in a variety of environments.

Wide Array of Style Options

The Surface by Ergocollection Wall Fluted Panels come in an extensive selection of colors and designs, providing numerous aesthetic choices for any decorating style. Stocked and ready for immediate dispatch, we guarantee swift delivery to swiftly transform your environment with elegance and versatility.

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