Bringing you one of the most affordable

yet state-of-the-art office pods of the best quality in the market.

Ergopod Lite
Finally, some privacy.

Ergopod PRO
Reimagining workspace.

Key Features

Everything you need in a POD.

Leading soundproofing technology

We’ve HEARD the needs of hundreds of our clients and spent thousands of hours with our R&D team to produce the latest and leading soundproofing pod in the market.

Fresh air, improved clarity of thoughts.

Our precision-designed air ventilation system will BLOW YOU AWAY with optimal air quality inside the pod. Ease into your thoughts without worrying about air purity or contamination.

Tempered glass for durability

Our pods are durable and has the ability to withstand bumps and scratches. Enjoy having your private space with natural light, for our tempered glass is fog-proof as well!

Succumb to your design instincts. Customize.

Our design team have created a range of exterior and interior colours and materials, with equipable accessories and installations you can choose from.

The perfect sizes for productivity


Just you and productivity.


The perfect space 2-gather.


The room 4 everyone.


Not only a pod, but a full-sized meeting room.


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