How Our Adjustable Tables Helped Employee Reduce Back Pain

Back pain is no longer an uncommon problem among office workers today. In fact, with how much time we spend sitting in a sedentary culture while working, it can cause discomfort, stiffness and even chronic back pain. We, at Ergo Collection, understand the necessity to ensure employees’ wellness and productivity throughout the work day. That’s why we offer ergonomic office furniture like this adjustable table to help you achieve a healthy working posture. Here’re some ways how this adjustable table helps office workers in Singapore reduce back pain and etc.

Understanding the Problem


Back Pain Epidemic

reduce back pain adjustable tables

Back pain is no longer a rare problem among office workers today. Millions of office workers experience lower back pain due to long hours of sitting, bad working posture and lack of movement which can lead to muscle tension, spinal misalignment and other musculoskeletal disorders.

The Solution: Adjustable Tables


Ergonomic Design

This adjustable table strives to achieve the optimal ergonomics for each employee. With the height adjustable design, employees can alternate between sitting and standing throughout the work day. This active desk solution helps to achieve a better working posture, alleviate spinal pressure and encourage movements.

Health Benefits

Our adjustable table provides numerous health benefits to each employee. With these sit stand desks in your office, you can encourage blood circulation, reduce muscle fatigue and boost energy throughout the work day. Overall, these ergonomic enhancements help to enhance employees’ comfort and productivity for a happier and healthier workforce.

Real-Life Success Story


Employee Testimonial

We have an employee who had chronic back pain problems due to long hours of sitting in a traditional desk. After he adopted our adjustable table, it significantly improved his symptoms. By simply sitting or standing at the desk at different times of the day, he can easily take away any pressure from his lower back and ease away any discomfort.

Increased Productivity

Not only did it reduce back pain,  He also review that his productivity level and focus increased while using the adjustable table. With the height adjustable design, he was able to find the best working posture his body needed at that moment. Therefore, he felt more engaged, motivated and productive in his work.


We, at Ergo Collection, strongly believe that employees’ wellness is vital to the overall success of the organization. This adjustable table is just one of the many efforts to place the wellness and happiness of our employees as a top priority. From investing in ergonomic office furniture to encouraging ergonomics in the workplace, we aim to create a conducive work environment for employees to excel in their work without the worries of back pain and other discomforts constraints.

Interested to boost employee wellness and productivity in your office in Singapore? Start investing in adjustable tables in your workplace.

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