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office pod singapore

Office pods made affordable.

ERGO collections offer office pods to encourage privacy in our work environment. Over the years, we have strived to create our own range of budget-friendly soundproof meeting booths, ERGOPOD. 


elegant & stylish

Comes in a wide selection of sizes of pods, the PRO series will incorporate style & privacy into your office workspace affordably.

ergopod pro series - office pod.png
Ergopod Office Pod.gif


starting price at $4,999

Promotion for the month: $3,999 (Only a few units left)

A sleek-looking office pod that accommodates a single person. One of the lowest-priced office pods in Singapore.

The new norm requires privacy.

Fact #1

It's hard to concentrate in an open-plan office, with all the distraction around you.

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People Working in Open Office

Fact #3

You don't like someone else listening to your virtual meeting conversation.

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Fact #2

The number of virtual, short meetings is increasing, but not your meeting rooms.

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Virtual Team Meeting

Fact #4

At times, you want some privacy to complete tasks that requires concentration.

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Transform your workplace.

Visit our showroom today.

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